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Nora Hikari

Nora Hikari is an Asian-American trans woman currently residing in Philadelphia. Her work explores the internal universes of young trans women coming into adulthood in the modern age, and has been selected to be featured in such journals as Ploughshares, Foglifter, Washington Square Review, The Journal, and Palette Poetry. Her chapbook, Girl 2.0, was a winner of the Robin Becker Series, and is available from Seven Kitchens Press. (photo by Cassi Segulin)


Technologies have rapidly developed a new kind of artificial human. The GIRL 2.0, grown fresh in the electrical fields of the Internet, is poised to become a delicious new subject of subjugation and social control. But do we have the power for more than this? Beloved, we could end the world like this. We could remake this world in our own.

"In Hikari’s world, magical girl powers are cool, but what’s really magical is love between two women. Changing the world begins with holding one another in queer embrace."

Jay Dye, the Soapberry Review

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